Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Fun

Well, even though it didn't actually snow on Christmas Day I will be counting Christmas 2009 as a 'white Christmas' as there was snow on the ground and all activity before and after it has been dominated by SNOW!

This time the highlight has been sledging. We found a sledge in the cellar in Sheffield when we were clearing out the house and reluctantly brought it back to Bristol thinking we've had the 'once in 20 years snow' that Bristol gets so probably won't need it. How wrong we were! And we've definitely needed it because the only way to get Matthew to preschool on several days was by sledge.

Matthew also surprised me with his willingness to share his sledge, necessary as there was a city wide shortage (that's what comes of living in a city where snow is only expected every couple of decades - the man in the toy shop was genuinely concerned at the rush he may have on this morning when the new order arrived!); here he is with his friend Phoebe.

There were some moments when it appeared that Daniel would like nothing more than to be running around in the snow but these were quite brief - and never captured on film - and he generally looked unimpressed and as though he wished we'd all hurry up so he could get back inside! Christmas was great with lots of fun with the family; Daniel was catching up on his cuddles with Grandma and Matthew gets on so well with Emma (apart from when they're jostling for position on the penguins!) and particularly amusing to the rest of us was their role play as Mary and Joseph which lasted for about 4 days! I'm sure not sure what comment to make about the photo of Matthew clearly enjoying himself in the Tinkerbell dress-up...

As always, we had lots of fun in Liverpool including penguin spotting, visiting the art gallery and museum and shopping!

And we had our obligatory New Year's Day walk, this year to Blaise Castle (along with half the population of Bristol it seemed).

And here are a couple of photos of Matthew growing up; as a shepherd in his first nativity (with Ella, the angel) and a self-portrait (complete with belly button!) with his name!

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