Friday, April 28, 2006

Baby Shower

On Wednesday night some lovely friends got together for my baby shower. This was a combination of food, drink (one bottle of wine was called 'Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush" - I only had a sip but it tasted nice!), silly games and praying for the new baby. One of the games was to guess how large my tummy is. Everybody cut off a length of string that they thought would fit around my bump - look how way out some guesses were! This one was at least two feet out! Everybody made me bigger than I am!

I also received lots of lovely gifts, inlcuding this 'nappy pavlova'! Kiwis are big on pavlova (apparantly they invented them, though I did hear a rumour it was the Aussies...) and the baby boutique on the high street, Wee Kiwi, has gift parcels made up in pavlova packaging. This one included the equally traditional All Black rugby playing kiwi and a book with the infamous Buzzy Bee!

Making the most of it...

The last few weeks have mainly consisted of settling into our new house, finishing off things at work (very hard to do when everything has to carry on at church and I'm still around there nearly everyday) and making the most of the time we have together before the arrival of the baby. It's not that we think we won't be able to do anything ever again, but we know it will definitely be different!

One of the things we did was get up pretty early to watch the sunrise over the sea on Easter Day. It was totally awesome and we picked the right beach to drive to because the others had coastal mist and you couldn't see a thing.
I had also had a girly night out to the theatre to see Beauty and the Beast with Emma and some of her colleagues from work, we've been to see one of our youth in West Side Story and we've been given tickets to the theatre again on Monday night, so we'd like the baby to stay put until after that!
We also stayed over at the Andrews' pad when they were away so we could enjoy the Christchurch and not have to trek back to Rangiora . We wandered around a native bush compound with a 'historical' house, with a cottage on site that's the oldest in Canterbury. I don't think I need to say how modern it looked!

And also toured the botanical gardens (still with roses!) - it definitely is one of my favourite places, whatever the season or weather. The weather has been absolutely glorious, by the way, like 25 degrees and you'd be impressed if this was an English summer! The best thing about being in Christchurch was wandering around in a place that has a 'buzz' about it and people. We tried to go out for coffee in Rangiora the other night and everywhere was shutting up by 9pm!