Saturday, May 31, 2008


So the major event of May is my excuse that I've been hopeless at updating the blog; we moved house and hence no internet access for weeks (ok, not months but then there's all that catching up to do...). So the era of The Ark ended and the Kellys and Shepherds went their separate ways; it's amazing how much Matthew and Skye have changed in the 11 months that we shared a house. This photo is a similiar pose to one posted just after we moved in last June:
Matthew turned two and likes to tell everybody how old he is - "I two!". The weather was fantastic and so hot that we needed a paddling pool, a big change to last year when there was torrential rain all day.
Matthew and I joined my mum and dad for a few days of their holiday in Cornwall and Grandad got up with Matthew so Mummy could have a lie in - what a treat!