Monday, June 30, 2008


June was quite a busy month and we were away more than we were home. We were around for our local street party though, the theme of which was the Olympics so Matthew dressed up as a swimmer and got his first taste of sports day style games; he didn't really grasp why he shouldn't hold onto the 'egg' in the egg and spoon race!
We loved catching up with friends in Sheffield and had lots of fun hanging out with the Hewsons; this is Suse and our gorgeous boys at the butterfly farm.
Most of the Shepherd family met up in Liverpool for a trip to Chester zoo. It was nearly thwarted due to a pretty much unexplained illness for Matthew (we did have to visit Alder Hey children's hospital in an ambulance!) but we did make it and had a good day, in spite of rather windy and chilly conditions. Emma and Matthew enjoyed the tunnels and viewing of the prairie dogs but their highlight was the ice-cream and I think these cheeky faces say it all!