Monday, September 18, 2006

Heaven Scent

There are two things I'm very grateful to God for at the moment. The first is the fragrance of spring that surrounds me everytime I walk outside our front door - it almost smells like I'm walking into a florist's and I absolutely love it. The second thing I'm thankful for is blackout material! We bought some last week and made a blind for Matthew's bedroom as he seemed to be waking earlier and earlier in the mornings. He does still stir but gives up quite quickly, hopefully thinking "There's no way Mum is going to be up and around it's still dark!" The reason he stirs could well be the birds & their dawn chorus (they are the reason I'm awake at some ridiculous hour) but there's nothing I can do about them - and nor do I want to really as we never heard them in inner city Sheffield!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Yesterday a meteorite burnt up as it crashed through the atmosphere above New Zealand - quite exciting really. What's most amusing for us is that hundreds of people were highly concerned about the huge bang they heard (it could be heard over a stretch of about 500km in the South island) and phoned the police whilst we thought it was just a truck on the building site over the road! No photos of it I'm afraid - in fact nobody seemed to get any footage, so the TV stations keep playing re-runs of the meteorite that crashed 9 years ago!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Family Day

Now I'm back at work too and life is in a semi-routine we've decided to instigate Family Friday (modelled so well by friends). This week we visited a cafe and then headed for my favourite place in Christchurch, the Botanical Gardens. Matthew has been before but has always been asleep. But yesterday was officially the first the day of spring (though it's been very nice & warm all week) and the daffodils and snowdrops wanted the world to know it. So Matthew decided he'd wake up and check it out for himself. Not sure how excited he was about the flowers but the ducks certainly intrigued him!

Girl Time

Last Friday night I went away with some girlfriends from church for 24 hours - many of whom thought I was mad to leave Matthew for that long! I didn't see why not as Neil is more than capable of doing the do and it was very nice to go to sleep knowing that a baby would not be waking me up (though not sure how loud Matthew would have to be if Neil was to arise from his slumber!). They did great and had some good male-bonding time with Dan over a cooked breakfast on the Saturday morning.
As for us ladies, we enjoyed being princesses, eating chocolate and being in a superb location. Even though the weather wasn't fantastic the views were, as usual in this country, stunning.
I did fine until the lunch time and then I just wanted to get home - I was missing the smiles and cuddles from my favourite man and boy!