Monday, September 28, 2009

Growing Up

Matthew started morning preschool this September; not that big a deal as he's been there in the afternoons for 6 months. But he's been "waiting for ages" to go "after breakfast" and now he can wear the 'uniform' too it's all abit more official!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


On September 4th we had been married 10 YEARS!!! Hooray!!! To celebrate our wedding anniversary we spent the weekend in Dublin (on our own - thank you Ken and Sylvia for looking after our boys!) and had a wonderful time! No digital photos as I left the battery for the camera behind! We learnt lots of the history of the city whilst walking (and bus-ing) the length and breadth of it (therefore crossed the Liffey a lot!), ate delicious food, experienced the buzz of the city when the hurling championship final is on (Kilkenny won for the fourth year in a row but it was controversial - just in case you're interested!), didn't get rained on all that much and thoroughly enjoyed being together - just us!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Summer 09

So, brief catch-up: much is still the same in the Shepherd household but there are a couple of significant changes since the end of June; notably that Sam has now moved to Norway (so Matthew has now moved into Sam's old room in the attic which he loves) and Daniel is now crawling and standing, which changes life dramatically!

We've had quite a relaxing summer hanging out in Bristol and catching up with friends...Emilia was 'home' for the summer and it was so good hanging out

...and family(clearing out our house in Sheffield wasn't exactly relaxing but amusing to reminisce and, yet again, discover the many ridiculous items we've kept over the years! There have been many annoying obstacles to completing the house sale but hoping it goes through very soon...)

The latest addition to the Shepherd clan, our nephew Luke Maguire, arrived at the beginning of August and it was lovely to meet him at only a few hours old.

We've visited a few farms over the last couple of months but the best aspects included a maize maze, go-karts and sheep racing (among the sheep were 'Fleece Lightning', 'Woolly Whippet', 'Lamb-orghini'!). Sally, my sister, joined us at one and the boys really enjoyed her company and participation!

In Hartlepool Matthew went to his first football match (which he managed to fall asleep in!).

Daniel also demonstrated that he will eat anything he can get his hands on; very frustrating when all the time on the beach is spent taking stones etc out of his mouth (in the garden particluar favourites are flowers and bumble bees!) but not as painful as he when he decides to take a chunk out of you!

Although the weather this summer has not been what was forecast it has not been nearly as dismal as last summer and the day we spent at Newby Hall was warm enough to play in the fountain.

We also made the obligatory annual visit to the Downs to watch the launch of balloons at the fiesta; Daniel has taken after his brother and is quite an early-riser too so it wasn't too much effort to be out and having a picnic breakfast at 7am!

The highlight of the summer was a wedding anniversary treat from Alastair and Helen (Neil's brother and sister-in-law) - tickets to see U2 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff! Neil had never been to a major gig so this was a good 'first'! It was amazing; venue, music, atmosphere, overall 'show' just brilliant and it helped being only about 30metres from the walkway that came out from the stage! No photos - I think you probably had to be there!