Friday, November 30, 2007

New Addition

The most exciting event of November was yet to come; the arrival of the very cute Joseph John Taylor Kelly. Considering the little fella made his appearance 3 weeks eraly we can forgive Mags for thinking that she had indigestion rather than she was in labour! When we established this was the real thing I was thinking what very good timing considering we were in the middle of planning our Christmas shopping trips and there was a HUGE turkey - we're talking 9.6kg! - in the fridge waiting to be cooked.
Christmas had not arrived early, but surrounded by Americans (and those who'd lived there) we had planned a grand thanksgiving meal! Well, as Mags had reassured me, Delia Smith did have all the answers and the turkey was beautifully cooked after 6 and half hours! And everybody elses contributions, including incredible sweet potato and pecan pie, made for a very full-filling evening!
And Mags and Joseph were home to join us so we really did have lots to be thnakful for! No photos of the thanksgiving - too busy wrestling the bird - but here are a couple of the baby and proud mummy, daddy, big sister and excited housemate (I know the photos don't really show it but Matthew thinks little Joseph is amazing and particularly likes helping change his nappy!).

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November (so far!)

It's been a pretty busy month so far - but judging by the photos it's been alot of autumnal frolics!
We were excited about the prospect of a bonfire night when it's actually dark and the fireworks actually show up! We were even more excited about having the event at Wick Court, the Jacobean mansion in the countryside on the outskirts of Bristol that we (the people exploring new expressions of church here) are renting as a retreat and training centre. It's a fabulous house and a great venue for big events.

Matthew didn't exactly enjoy the fireworks but wasn't freaked out until one fell over and the crowd ran screaming! We decided to retreat to the safety of the house and Matthew seemed to appreciate the pretty colours much more when they were minus the bangs!
Sam has purchased two ducks, Dave and Janine, which are living at Wick; Sam's diligently working on a duck house for them but here they are wth Phil and Skye.

Fallen leaves are currently providing much entertainment - every time we go out Matthew wants one to hold and it's getting harder to find one that is to his desired colour and shape as they become more and more mushy. The children helped Mags and I out raking the leaves in the garden; their tools obviously being the limiting factor in their usefulness (nothing to do with them running through the neat piles of leaves we'd raked).

We also went out to the Forest of Dean with some friends one Sunday and there was lots of opportunity for leaf frivolity.

We've been preapring for the arrival of baby Kelly too which involved finally painting over the 'seascape'.

And Matthew has suddenly decided he quite likes the television. He isn't interested in any old rubbish; Thomas the tank engine is popular but nothing compares to the joy of seeing Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy in 'In the Night Garden'. I'm sure there are child psychologists who have some clever explanation for it's appeal but I am truly at a loss. Never the less, it's the only thing - ever - that has held Matthew's attention for so long.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Eye

Whilst Neil was on half term last week we took the opportunity to go to London, leaving Matthew with Nanna and Grandad. We realised when we went to NZ that there was lots in and around the UK we'd meant to do and not yet got round to; one of those things was 'flying' on the London Eye, so we seized the gorgeous, clear autumn day (and the fact that we didn't have Matthew to queue up too).

It was good fun trying to identify different landmarks and interesting how out we were with our sense of direction and perspective!