Friday, September 14, 2007


The new term didn't start quite as we'd expected; Neil came back from a weekend in Denmark in lots of pain and, after a day of frustrations and not getting very far with the GP, ended up in A&E and subsequently having his appendix out! Bless him! He doesn't do poorly - he's never ill! After three days in hospital he came home and has been a pretty good patient, mainly because he's had to be - he really can't do much at all. I was able to spend quite a lot of time at the hospital because Sylvia came to stay (hot off the plane from holidaying in Croatia) and looked after Matthew which was wonderful. Here is the little man with his Grandma...

And this photo is of Matthew having a tantrum, something that is becoming a more frequent occurance - it's obviously hard work being 16 months old.

They generlly occur when Matthew's hungry or tired but he really does get quite cross and throws himself around - can't imagaine where he gets it from...Anyway, this proves (for Jo P) that Matthew isn't always smiling!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Face Off

I now realise why blog posts have diminished as everyone has jumped on Facebook. I only properly got started last night and I really could get quite addicted. I think my saving grace will be the fact that Neil starts back at school on Monday (boo) so he'll have the laptop and I'll have less opportunity. Anyway, Neil is in Denmark and so for the weekend at least, I have unlimited access to technology and so will endeavour to catch up on blog and facebook.

So, the summer...not really summer weather but definitely summer activities including exploring more of Bristol and the surrounding area and travelling around the country visiting family and friends.

We went to Cheddar gorge, walked across the Clifton Suspension bridge and Matthew and I got to see the 6am launch of the hot air balloons from the balloon fiesta (one of the very few benefits of having a son who is an early riser!).

Neil and Mags swapped children at Cheddar!

Took several photos in between as gradually the sky filled with balloons but I wouldn't want to bore you!

In Liverpool we stayed with Alastair and Helen and did something we haven't done for a very long time - we went out dancing!!! We ended up in 'Heebie Jeebies' which is more soul/funk and I loved it, especially as I didn't feel like I was harping back to my student days (I always did very cheesy clubbing as a student) or trying to reclaim some previous life - we were just having a good night out. We looked after our neice for the day when Helen was working and now not sure how quickly I want Matthew's vocabulary to develop; whilst out shopping Emma (only 5 months older) spent the whole time saying "Get out me!" to let us know she clearly wasn't happy in the buggy!

In Hartlepool we had lots of rest and relaxation. The weather wasn't great but we did manage to get to the beach and climb Roseberry Topping.

One of the highlights has to be Neil and I having extended time just the two of us in a very nice hotel while leaving Matthew with grandma and grandad for the night! What a treat for all of us (not sure grandma enjoyed the 1 and 2am wake ups - we may have to work on that before we leave him again).

Then onto Sheffield to stay with the lovely Lovells and catch up with friends; seeing people has become so much more regular now that I've stopped taking photos! Though should have taken one of the gorgeous Sam Breen as we've not seen him for 3 years - Matthew was made up with the very big Sam boys to look up to!