Tuesday, July 04, 2006


On Saturday we gate-crashed Emma & Dan's day together and joined them as they headed to the mountains for sledging. We headed to a slope that had been highly recommended to the Andrews, very near to Lake Lyndon (perhaps Emma will put a picture on her blog...) where Neil went biscuiting on Boxing Day - the difference now is that the lake is covered in 12cm thick ice and people were skating on it!
While the adults were drinking in the amazing scenery, Matthew slept. He missed the drive there, he missed his Dad sledging down a near vertical drop and even having been woken up, fed and dressed in his bear suit he still slept on (just blew a few bubbles). I know he's a baby and wouldn't have got very much out of the whole experience but he never sleeps that much (except on Saturday night when he slept for 8 hours. This would have been great but it was the night of the England match which we got up to watch so we missed out on the benefits. Matthew must have been unimpressed by the football too - or thought he'd save himself from the disappointment).
Maybe Matthew will be more impressed with the heatwave in England than the freezing weather here. Speaking of Engalnd, only 48 hours to go and counting...

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Legal Alien

We finally got Matthew a visa yesterday so he can legally be here in NZ. Since January 1st only children born to NZ residents are entitled to citizenship which means that Matthew is a British citizen and not a Kiwi. We got a passport for him two weeks after his birth (with a photo that has to last for the 5 years validity!) and then yesterday waited two hours to get the visa and permit which allows Matthew to return to NZ after our trip to the UK. The conditions of Matthew's visa are that he does not undertake employment and cannot study here for more than three months - I don't think we'll have a problem with that yet!