Thursday, November 24, 2005

New Things

Lots has happened in the month since I last blogged, and as usual I'm hopelessly slow at updating. I've decided it's because the computer is in our 'study' out the back of the garage and on chilled evenings when I've got time to write the last place I want to sit is out there! Our friends are here with a laptop & I've decided that's the way forward...but for now you may have to be content with infrequent blogs.

Anyway, new things - mainly in the form of people. Dan & Emma arrived just over a month ago to join us as part of The Order of Mission. Dan has a transfer from KPMG Leeds to Christchurch for 2 years and Emma (as of today) has a job working in the physio dept of Christchurch hospital. They've found a town house to rent fairly near the city centre (much fun has been had kitting it out!) and it's just great to have friends around. Not that we haven't made friends here who are fantastic - we have & they are a huge blessing - it's just nice to hang out with people we connect with so well & who we have a longer history with. It meant that we had to experience the A&P show again (remember the huge bulls & tractor displays?) - it's one of those things that you have to do if you are new here but we realised why our next door neighbour hasn't been for 30 years! Though on this occasion we did experience our first polo match which was actually good fun - it reminded me of the film 'Pretty Woman' whilst the others got hooked on conversations about Prince Charles!

Matt & Jo have also been staying with us for a couple of weeks; they are travelling round the world to see where God wants them to stop and we are one place on their trip. Not sure how long they're staying - perhaps 'til Feb but new possibilities come up regularly so who knows? It's been very refreshing to have them around as they see things from a new perspective which can be challenging but at least honest!

The other new 'thing' in our life is a tiny Shepherd currently 16 weeks old in my tummy & due to enter the world in May! All going well so far; we've heard the heartbeat & apparantly it's kicking & flipping over (so the starnge noises coming over on the microphone indicate!) & scan is booked for a fortnight. It's bizarre being so far from family at this time but really know it's God's perfect timing. We'll keep you posted on progress though I don't think I can bring myself to pictures of my expanding waistline!