Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree! How lovely were your branches!

Our Christmas tree had served us well and managed to survive 5 weeks of our children running past it and poking it but it was looking very tired and droopy so we decided to put it out of its misery a couple of days early. Although our council will collect and recycle the old trees, Neil decided making use of his chiminea would be much more fun. So I went for a 'nanna nap' (sleeping at night is not a top priority for the 3 children in our house!) and had to be woken up to see the last of our tree branches being devoured by flames. No wonder all the needles had been falling off it - it really was bone dry.

Friends reunited

Some of the best friends we made in New Zealand were Ed and Jenny Trotter and their three gorgeous children, Josh, Ben and Abi. They've been spending the festive season in the UK and we managed to catch up with them at the Travelodge where they were staying. I wondered if it would seem slightly random but it was such a blessing to see them again and it only felt like a few weeks since we'd last caught up. They're such a fantastic family - we love you guys!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Our Christmas and New Year

We've had a lovely Christmas and New Year; it's been great to see many friends and family and we've been spoilt with many lovely gifts. Here's just a few photos:

Christmas Brunch with the Kelly and Taylor family

Assembling the Fisher Price garage!

Matthew with his Auntie Katy and new Thomas the tank engine apron (too old for bibs now!)

The mud bath; what started as a quick trip to the park to feed the ducks turned into the messiest outing yet with both children's trousers ending up in the bin. I always thought it would be Neil to bring Matthew home in that state but it was me! Although Emma enjoyed it at first, getting so wet and cold didn't appeal, Matthew however, when asked by Neil if he'd had fun and if he'd do it again replied "Yes!" on both counts! Note to self: remeber to dress Matthew in his all-in-one waterproof in future!

Highchair antics

New Year's eve with the lovely Duckers and Kellys.

And our first walk of 2008 in our fast-becoming favourite place, Blaise Castle estate.