Thursday, November 16, 2006


Now Matthew is 6 months old he's allowed to suck, bite and generally mutilate a rusk. They say a picture tells a thousand words - enough said.

Icebergs off New Zealand

Yes, it's true. Who would have believed it!! We've said it can be cold in NZ but, honestly, it was 33 degrees today!

Well here's the proof:

If you want to see the news footage go to:

They say it has nothing to do with global warming, although Al Gore was in NZ yesterday - works as a good PR job!!!

We learned today that the iceberg broke off from the South Pole, 7 years ago - that's an epic journey!

Monday, November 13, 2006


Well, life has been pretty busy but I wait to blog until I have some photos ('cos to me they're the best bit!). Unfortunately I get so immersed in the moment that I often forget to take pictures so updates are few and far between and not very pictoral. Anyway, we've had a Light Party for children to celebrate Jesus instead of Halloween, Christine organised a Princess Party for our girls at church and the little ones enjoyed the older girls giving them a makeover and painting their nails and then we had a family fireworks night which apparantly was lots of fun (I say apparantly because I was on babysitting duty) and I think less scary than on previous occassions. Instead of a huge bonfire they had a brazier and toasted marshmallows and since we've been having warm nor-wester weather they didn't need a fire to keep any chill off. It's still funny waiting til it's dark at 9pm to set off the fireworks!
Mike and Sally (from The Order of Mission) came to visit the TOMees here in the South Island; it was great to see them and, as always, brings a mixture of refreshment, challenge and lots of laughs.
Matthew has had his latest round of vaccinations; he screamed with the most vigour we have heard yet and gave himself rash (which the doctore and nurse had never seen before) but after his bottle he was absolutely fine, smiling and chatting and there was no grumps later in the day either. He's sitting pretty well now, just the occassional wobble and he's rolled from his front to his back twice but, yet again, we missed it! He can pull his legs up under him now and get his tummy off teh ground - he so wants to crawl! Well, there maybe a lack of pictures of anybody else but I'm snap happy when it comes to our son so you can see a couple of the latest shots.

Matthew went through a stage of being quite confused by the grey box Mummy and Daddy held in front of him so although smiling one minute (honestly) he looks quite perturbed when the shot is taken!
Now he's getting over that so we have many more smiles captured for posterity!